Air: 2
Reflexes: 3
Earth: 3
Fire: 2
Agility: 3
Water: 4

Rolls When Attacking: 6k3
Rolls for Damage: 4k2
TN to Be Hit: 15
Wounds per Level: 8

Special: Fear 1.
Undead Qualities: Immune to diseases and poison. Ghuls suffer no Wound penalties. They will fight until destroyed unless commanded to do otherwise by someone who controls them.

Ghuls are the undead scourge of all the Burning Sands, but especially of Medinaat al-Salaam. They lurk in the sewers beneath the great city, where many of them serve the infamous Jackal Necromancers with their particular talent for controlling their actions. They are not the exclusive preserve of the Jackals (especially now, since the cult’s fortunes have been in steep decline), but in the years before the Awakening the Jackals made exceptionally good use of the ghuls to terrorize the citizens who lived above, flaunting and consolidating their power. Ghuls also appear with some frequency in the Senpet lands, due to the long-standing traditions of mystical human sacrifice in the religion of the Ten Thousand Gods.

When not under the direct control of someone powerful enough to direct their actions, ghuls tend to wander aimlessly and will attack humans who come too close; sometimes they will turn on each other, seemingly at random.

There are several means of creating ghuls, but all of them ultimately involve magic derived from the Senpet and Qabalistic traditions. The Jackals also possess a powerful artifact called the Soul of the Slayer which can turn a living person into a ghul without performing elaborate magic rituals.

Some ghuls become strong enough to take authority over their undead brethren. They retain vestiges of the intelligence they possessed in life and can use Skills and even sometimes cast spells. They also develop the ability to increase their power by consuming the essence of other undead. These creatures are called ghul lords, and they sometimes become embroiled with each other in struggles for dominance. For more on ghul lords, see Creatures of Rokugan: Third Edition, p.109.

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