The Ebonites

(Selected Excerpts from the Ebonite section of the Legend of the Burning Sands RPG)

The Order of the Ebon Hand, more commonly called the Ebonites by most denizens of Medinaat al-Salaam, are something of an oddity even among the wildly varied cultures of the Burning Sands. They are an exceptionally diverse organization that holds allegiance to no particular nation, although they do have strong historical ties to the Ivory Kingdoms, a region of the world located far southwest of the Jewel of the Desert. After centuries of struggle and of being drawn into the conflicts of other groups, both martial and political, the Ebonites have settled into a comfortable role within the city, as protectors and defenders of the downtrodden. While this is a great task for the order, and one that garners them tremendous appreciation from those whom they protect, it is secondary to their primary concern: protecting the broken shards of the Ebon Stone that they revere and hold sacred.

It is believed that emissaries of the aforementioned distant countries who had traveled to the Ivory Kingdoms founded the order. There, under unknown circumstances, they inadvertently released a terrible evil into the world. A prophet aided the warriors in entrapping the evil within a large stone, which turned black from its influence. He then charged them to protect the stone and ensure that the evil was never again released. Each man placed his hand upon the stone, for in doing so they would determine who among them was strong enough to resist the sinister temptations that issued forth from it. Those who possessed the strength necessary for the task discovered that the palm of their hand had turned black. Those who did not have the strength took their own lives rather than risk revealing the secrets of the newly created Order of the Ebon Hand.

Basic Character Class: Ebonite Templars (Warrior)
The Templars are the basic soldiers of the Order of the Ebon Hand. The order is not particularly large, so its leaders make certain that every warrior among their ranks is well trained and prepared to face almost any challenge that might present itself. The basic Templar has had several years of training, and has passed the Test of the Ebon Stone.

Benefit: +1 Agility
Integrity: 3.5
Skills: Defense, Investigation, Swordsmanship, Lore: Law, Lore (choose one), Theology, any one Skill
Outfit: Sturdy clothing, traveling pack, Ebonite armor, Ebonite longsword, knife, 10 copper

Rank 1 (of 5): Tapping the Inner Strength
Years of training preface mastery of the first form of the Ebonite fighting style. During those years, templars are taught to call upon their own devotion and inner resolve, and to harness that strength in combat as well as in everyday situations. When facing an opponent with a lower Integrity than yours, you gain a bonus equal to your Integrity to the total of all attack, damage, and Social Skill Rolls.

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