(Selected Excerpt from the Ashalan chapter of the Legend of the Burning Sands RolePlaying Game)

Item: Khadja

Traditionally, only the ruling Council of Twelve used khadja, but over the last century many of the Ashalan warriors have taken to using the weapon. Like many uniquely Ashalan weapons, the khadja is named for the first wielder. Khadja was the leader of the Council of Twelve on the ancient Day of Wrath, and crafted the first khadja from the sand that was originally scorched by the Sun. He was revered by many Ashalan and is considered one of the first sandsmiths. His secrets have been passed on for thousands of years and expanded upon by his progeny and apprentices.

The khadja is an exquisitely crafted polearm the length of a bo staff, with flat, curved blades on both ends. It is the preferred weapon of the elite Ashalan warrior caste known as the Blood-Sworn. Khadja are frequently changed and can be customized to fit the needs of individual warriors. Typical modifications include changing the weapon’s length to match the reach of a warrior’s arms, or adding an additional blade along the weapon’s middle.

The original Khadja is still in use, a thousand years later, and is always held by the current Captain of the Blood-Sworn. It has a DR of 4k4, is formed entirely of crysteel (and thus unable to be modified) and is of Masterwork quality. Any Ashalan who carries The Khadja may use Void Points as normal, and once per day as a Simple Action may gain an additional attack every round for the next 4 rounds.

Treat a khadja as a weapon that falls under the Polearm Skill.

 DR: 1k3

 Notes: Wielder receives a Free Raise on all attack rolls.

 Price: Khadja are unique to the Ashalan. The only way to get one is to persuade an Ashalan to part with it, or to steal or loot it from an Ashalan.

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