The Yodotai

(Selected Excerpts from the Yodotai section of the LBS RPG)

The Yodotai originate from a land far to the west of the Emerald Empire. The Yodotai Empire is a vast and powerful nation intent on the idea that they are directed by divine mandate to rule over all lands that exist. Over the past thousand years they have slowly but steadily moved closer to the Emerald Empire. They have met hundreds of cultures in their inexorable march and have conquered them all. The Yodotai are merciful and just in their rule, but they demand complete and utter subservience from their subjects. All must submit to the Yodotai Empire, or die. (more…)


The Assassins

(Selected Excerpts from the Assassin section of the LBS RPG)

The Jewel of the Desert is a place of sublime beauty, but beauty often conceals a heart of terrible violence. For over three centuries, the Children of the Mountain have served as a constant reminder of this truth. Few residents of Medinaat al-Salaam rivaled the Immortal Caliph in notoriety, but one man came close: Hassan al-Alamut, The Old Man of the Mountain, the Swift Dagger of Night, the Sinister Hand of Death Himself. He was a figure both feared and admired, a killer cursed with long life, and he waged a war of revenge for centuries. While the trademark daggers of his order are immediately recognizable, the primary tools of the Old Man were far more dangerous than steel: beauty and terror. Now, his children fight a silent war across the streets of the city, a feud that has been carried out since one of their own took the very position of power they once sought to overthrow.


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